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talks 13 mar 2010

Trespassing at the ruins: memory and myth at an old hospital (Dr Caron Lipman, academic researcher/writer)

Process of forgetting (Kevin Fellingham, architect & Sir Isaac Newton Fellow, Cambridge University)

The body and memory (Shobhika Moreau, body centred therapist )

Collectorexia (Dallas Seitz, artist)

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press release

The degree to which the internet impacts our sense of the past and memory inspires our next exhibition. Here are just a couple of comments that give us pause:

On no longer needing to remember: “... [The] power of Google and other search engines is to find almost everything we need at the click of a button.  There is no longer a need to remember...” Peter Morville, 2005

On the displacement of our sense of the past: “The more memory we store on data banks, the more the past is sucked into the orbit of the present, ready to be called up on the screen.  A sense of historical continuity or, for that matter, discontinuity, both of which depend on a before and an after, gives way to the simultaneity of all times and spaces readily accessible in the present” philosopher Andrea Huyssen

We invite a discussion in our exhibition “iremember”, of works that use the past as a material.
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jonathan harris & sep kamvar

still from
"we feel fine",
2006 - ongoing

net art




jonathan harris
& sep kamvar

celia pym & siri johansen



morat knitted wool, hand knit wool, darn wool, paper & pencil



siri johansen
& celia pym

dallas seitz


"collectorexia (from the collection of hazel risdon)", 2010




dallas seitz

celia pym

"imposter socks", 2008





celia pym

jonathan harris

still from
"the whale hunt",

net art




jonathan harris


nina wakeford


"Untitled (Inside Intel with Bolex H16)", 2009

16mm film loop & projector




nina wakeford