Archive > Geography is a Flavour(TM)
31 May to 17 June 2007

Drawings by:

Anka Dabrowska

Emma Holden

Giacomo Picca

Daryl Waller



Geography is a Flavour (TM)





Starbucks Coffee has a range of coffee, “Geography is a Flavour (Trademark)”: “if you know where a bean is from, you have a good idea what it will taste like”.


Africa/Arabia is “floral aromas with citrusy and exotic flavours”. We should do our part and buy coffee from that part of the world since we (in the West) messed them up when we colonised them. And it probably is true that it tastes exotic since all those women cover themselves with that lovely red shea butter and have those shells hanging around their bits, very exotic indeed!


Asia Pacific is “full-bodied and earthy with herbal undertones”. Have heard say that Chinese medicine is much more effective than those from western pharmaceuticals, who just really want to make money selling us diet pills anyway whereas the eastern people are so much more spiritual and only want us to have good Buddhist kind of lives. So coffee from Asian plants is probably anti-toxin, maybe even anti-cancer, probably better than omega-3!



Latin America is “great balance, medium body and a clean finish”. Surprising about the great balance, but maybe it is that Brazil hates America and Argentina loves America – or is it the other way around – so a yin-yang balance.


Multi-Region is a “superb interplay of aromas and flavours”. Mixing seems like a good idea, as would get diversity and multi-culturalism, but in an integrated way. Like the UK immigration policy, yes you can be Indian, Irian Jayan, the girl from Ipanema, whatever, but you should be British first. And that, we know, gets us a superb blend of foreign-ness but tempered by English sense of decorum and what's right.


Thus inspired by Starbucks, August art is asking artists Anka Dabrowska, Emma Holden, Giacomo Picca and Daryl Waller (who are British-born-and-bred but worldly or the right sorts of immigrants) to come up with their own blend of geographic art.

Open Press Release as a .pdf document: Press Release