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23 October to 14 November 2004. Paintings.

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The Where, What, Who I Live

I struggled to write an introduction to this show. Not because there wasn’t anything to say, but because in this case, words don’t seem to add much. Etsuko Kobayashi, Japanese-born and Paris citizen and artist, paints her home, her love life, her city -– basically she paints her life. Many artists paint their life, so where does Etsuko’s richness and freshness come from? By showing things as things are. Not to express angst; not as visual “adjectives”, just “nouns”, simply, directly, and honestly. This is why her staring girls are so sexy. Because their gaze are direct and honest. This is why her basic home is so engaging. Because it offers neither excuses nor reasons to hold it in awe. But Etsuko is an artist, not an illustrator. See how she plays with perspectives and spaces, the rhythm of the lines, and the way the colours bounce off of each other and the background. It this caring rendering of ordinary things that give the subjects, and thus the paintings, their richness. A London collector said that above all else, she collects works to make her discover. And here, in Etsuko’s work, we discover the wonderful and simple “beingness” of our lives. So really, all I need to say is, as the title, “the where, what, who I live”, and leave Etsuko’s work to speak to you directly.


“The Where, What, Who I Live”


As with a book or music collection, we could have art works that decorate (in the way music could create background ambiance). But we could also have art works that are intellectually stimulatingthe equivalent of a Saul Bellow book, shall we say or be poetic like that unexpected song that made you catch your breath.

August aims to promote the works of artists who art thoughtful in their chosen medium. Therefore, there is no stylistic thread, but elements of surprise, individuality, philosophy and poetry. And, of course, the works must be visually stimulating.

As with a good book or music collection, to be enjoyed in ones home, August shows the works not in a white space, but in a home, the Directors. But we would be happy to bring the works to your home too.

So why not drop by for a cup of tea or glass of wine and let yourself be absorbed by the works?

Open this exhibition programme as a .pdf document: "THE WHERE, WHAT, WHO I LIVE".
paintings by Etsuko Kobayashi
Invitation Private View: Tuesday 19 October, 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition Dates:
October 23 - November 14, 2004
Tuesday evenings, 6pm - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday, 1pm - 6pm
Or by appointment
Or by appointment.

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Flat 311 Royle Building
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