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The Difference Loom

The Difference Loom

Quanta Gauld, Keiskamma Art Project, Mbali Khoza & Fabian Saptouw: (SA)
Janis Jefferies, David Mabb, Richard Rigg, Nina Wakeford: (UK)

Iziko South African National Gallery, Annexe
22 August - 27 September 2013


an exhibition exploring textiles and technology. We sense the body in textiles, but not in technology. We discern the analytical in technology, but not in weavings. This exhibition is about those perceptions/disconnections, explored in that area where textiles and technology intersect, through the works of 4 UK- and 4 SA-based artists who use textiles as one medium of social critique

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Under Construction with Aeneas Wilder

Under Construction

Aeneas Wilder (UK/Japan)
with District 6 Museum, University of Cape Town architecture school 2nd years

part of Infecting the City festival 2013 (a curated public arts festival in Cape Town)
12 - 16 March 2013


Wilder's installation was hosted by the District 6 Museum, (a museum of the lives of the people forcibly removed from the Cape Town district during the apartheid-era). Resonating with that past, Wilder built an installation out of 2,000 self-balancing pieces of wood over the festival's days. On completion, he ceremonially kicked his work, and with a loud clatter, destroyed it.

The wood was then to used to design & build a water service platform in a Cape Town township/informal settlement. Thus bringing the question of not just creation and destruction, but also the prospect of re-creation.

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